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03 Nov
New: improved membrane filter by osmeco

Smaller meshes of the filter allow the powder (Sorbex) to be better filtered out of the liquid (Cleanax).

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01 Dec
May we present? by osmeco

Our new website! The relaunch of osmeco took a little longer. All the more we are happy to be there for you on this channel again.

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20 Aug
Ecocleaner 740 NTD by osmeco

The new dual cleaning system has been carried over from the Ecocleaner 500 NTD to the larger Ecocleaner 740 NTD.

Our product

The Ecocleaner is a cleaning device for machine parts soiled with ink in pad printing, rotary pad printing and offset printing. No conventional thinner is used. The water-based cleaning agent is environmentally friendly and not a hazardous substance according to GHS. Therefore, this cleaning device does not require a special cleaning room. The cleaning agent dissolves the ink and absorbs it. The dirty cleaning agent is pressed through a filter powder, which in turn takes the paint out of the liquid. This means that the cleaning fluid can be used again and again for a very long time and thus the maintenance costs are much lower than with usual cleaning devices.


The cleaning chamber consists of a round rotating base plate. Adapted holders are mounted on it for the products to be cleaned, such as ink pots, clichés and other accessories. The cleaning system has 3 jet pipes with nozzles. One blast pipe blasts from below through the parts holder grid; another blasts from above and one from the side onto the parts. See the Ecocleaner in action here:


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