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About us

Die Herausforderung Tampondruck

The exact origin of pad printing is unknown. Well before 100 years ago, this technique was already used in the watch industry and ceramics industry. Around 50 years ago, thanks to modern technology, this technology made the leap into other industrial areas. With pad printing, it became possible to attractively inscribe and decorate objects in almost any shape. My father Rudolf Bührer was present at this birth (Teca-Print, microPrint) and can be counted among the pioneers in pad printing. He invented key pad printing technologies such as pad cleaning and Viscomat and was the first to use linear motors and touch displays in a pad printing machine. Since ink is used, he was also an early mover in making the cleaning of these machine parts environmentally friendly.  Under his initiative, the cleaning devices Nanocleaner and Ecocleaner were developed. The Ecocleaner is manufactured by our company Osmeco GmbH (sister company of microPrint).

  • Our vision

    Our goal is an environmentally friendly cleaning device for paints. It should relieve the user of as much work as possible, provide a safe and clean environment and require as little service as possible. The parts to be cleaned should be easy to load and unload, safely protected and 100% clean.

  • Our mission

    We achieve our goals by constantly improving our cleaning equipment. Listening to customer feedback and seeking a solution for even the most difficult customer requirements.

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