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For our cleaning device Ecocleaner you will find useful supplements from our range here.

  • Cleanax

    The cleaning fluid Cleanax 200.1 dissolves the paint and absorbs it. Although the liquid can also clean 2-component paint, it is not a hazardous substance according to GHS.

  • Sorbex

    With the cleaning powder Sorbex, the colour is filtered out of the cleaning fluid Cleanax. The colour is absorbed into the powder and disposed of with it at the end.

  • Membrane filter

    To prevent the cleaning powder Sorbex from being washed into the main tank by the cleaning liquid Cleanax, this membrane filter is inserted in the bottom of the recycling tank. It must be replaced from time to time.

  • Cliché holder

    We offer cliché holders for various formats and numbers. The cliché holders ensure optimum cleaning with maximum safety for your sensitive clichés. 

  • Paint pot holder

    We offer paint pot holders for different sizes and manufacturers. The paint pot holders guarantee optimal cleaning with maximum safety for your sensitive paint pots. 

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