ecoCleaner 500

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Ecocleaner 500 NTD

The Ecocleaner is a cleaning device for machine parts soiled with ink in pad printing, rotary pad printing and offset printing. No conventional thinner is used. The water-based cleaning agent is environmentally friendly and not a hazardous substance according to GHS. Therefore, this cleaning device does not require a special cleaning room. The cleaning agent dissolves the ink and absorbs it. The dirty cleaning agent is pressed through a filter powder, which in turn takes the paint out of the liquid. This means that the cleaning fluid can be used again and again for a very long time and thus the maintenance costs are much lower than with usual cleaning devices.

  • Interior

    The Ecocleaner 500 has a cylindrical cleaning chamber with a diameter of 500 mm and a height of 200 mm.

  • Inserts for parts

    The holders for pots and cliché are customised to ensure optimum cleaning with maximum safety for the sensitive parts.

  • Nozzles

    The cleaning system has 3 jet pipes with nozzles. One blast pipe blasts from below through the parts pick-up grid; another blasts from above and one from the side onto the parts.

  • Operation

    The Ecocleaner is controlled via the clearly arranged control panel. The function display consists of LEDs which are language-independent and visible from a distance.

  • Colour

    The Ecocleaner is suitable for 1-component, 2-component and UV inks. Even heavily dried 2-component inks can be cleaned with several cleaning cycles.

  • Service

    To facilitate servicing, the new Ecocleaner NTD has a larger tank, an additional recycling stage and cleaning nozzles to clean itself.

  • Characteristics

    W x D x H : 924 x 670 x 1097 mm

    Capacity : 70 litres

    Power supply : 230V 50/60Hz

    Air supply: 5 bar

    Cleaning time: 5/10/15 min

    Weight: (without Cleanax): 192kg

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